Canadian Sales

We are experienced in preparing all the paperwork for Canadian sales. It is very easy to buy a boat in Maine and take it home to Canada if you are a Canadian citizen. All our Boats, Motors and Trailers are made in North America, and are therefore part of the NAFTA treaty. We provide a separate bills of Sale for Trailer and for Boat/Motor because this will be easier with duty, and registrations. We also make sure that the trailers sold to Canada are free of any defects and/or recalls and state so explicitly on the bill of sale of the trailer. Maine is not a title state so we issue the certificate of origin, also called statement of origin directly to the purchaser for all new boats. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have those documents for some used boats because the citizens of Maine do not have any need for these documents, and do not always turn them over to us at time of trade. Please check with your local border crossing about the exact rules regarding importing boats, so you do not experience any delays and surprises.

Many Canadians have bought boats at our store and succesfully registered their purchases. Payment has to be in US funds in the form of a bank check. Unfortunately, financing is currently not available for non-US citizens through our finance department, although we will be glad to fax any documents to your Canadian Bank to help with your local financing. The Dollar exchange is favorable for you: Take advantage of our low US prices!