Harris Construction

Harris FloteBote Construction

Your Aluminum Pontoon Boat is Built to Last

Harris FloteBote has been a leader in the pontoon industry for more than 50 years. We understand that a better boat means more time on the water and more memories to add to your good times with family and friends. We continually strive to deliver the ultimate in innovation, guaranteeing truly special on-water experiences for many years to come.

Harris FloteBote continually challenges the status quo. Our engineers craft each model with exacting specifications and use only superior materials - from stainless steel hardware to 100 percent fiberglass helm stations. A four-step water prevention design provides a mechanical seal to the deck that never leaks , and full-length M-brackets absorb shock for a smooth ride every time. Cruise with confidence knowing that you're on an aluminum pontoon boat that can handle whatever you throw at it. Each model offers unmatched versatility and strength to make all of it possible.

Pontoon Construction with Unmatched Care and Precision

The manufacturing plant has long championed safety as part of its broader mission of producing a quality aluminum pontoon boat for families across North America.

For as widespread as the Harris FloteBote brand has become over the years, the manufacturing plant still remains a local venture at heart. We take great pride in maintaining a family culture and providing healthy employment for the area.

Built on a Solid Foundation: Your Pontoon Boat Construction

Great homes can take on many forms. Some have an abundance of space for gathering family and friends, and others pack in all the latest technology and fancy d├ęcor. But underneath them all lies the true secret to their greatness: a solid foundation. Recognizing that a pontoon can be like a second home to owners, Harris FloteBote has for more than half a century built its boats with unmatched care and precision, using the highest-quality materials available.

NOTE: The pontoon construction process outlined below applies only to the Crowne, Royal, Grand Mariner, Solstice, and Sunliner. Cruiser models use a slightly modified construction process. See your dealer for details.



  • Harris FloteBote construction begins with 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy sheet that is hard and thick enough to resist surface damage, but not too rigid that it will fracture. Tubes are assembled in-house and are 25-inches in diameter on all models.
  • Harris FloteBote utilizes more sections than most competitors to provide more watertight compartments. Every tube has a minimum of three sealed sections and tubes longer than 22-feet have four sealed sections each. By taking this precaution, you can get safely home even with a puncture.
  • Every tube also has a full length keel that provides a full three-eighths inch of impact protection, as well as keeping the tube and boat running straight and true.
  • Harris FloteBote originally developed the "dolphin" nose cone, and the design is still used today. The two-piece nose incorporates full-length splash guards that help control spray and cuts through the water sharply. A cross brace is welded on the inside of the nose to keep it as strong as possible and a stiffening crimp adds extra rigidity. Edges on the nose cone are bead-welded for a smooth finish.
  • Harris FloteBote uses an exclusive Total Torsion Reduction System when attaching the tubes to the deck. Every tube uses two full length mounting brackets, on the outside and inside of the tube, which provide a structure that will absorb and distribute the forces created by hard running and rough water, resulting in a smooth, reliable ride every time.
  • Tubes and cross members are squared to assure that the tubes are parallel to each other and that the structure is square to the tubes. Then the tubes are attached to the cross members with three-eighths inch carriage bolts and self-locking flange nuts.


Decking and Wiring

Decking Wiring

  • There is a full C-channel at the front and rear of the boat to provide support for bow and rear rub rails in the event of contact at the dock. Many competitors do not provide this kind of support and simply place an unsupported rubrail at both ends of the boat during pontoon construction.
  • Decking is seven-ply, high tensile strength, with a tongue and groove joint. Decking carries a lifetime warranty against warp, rot and delamination.
  • Through the deck, water intrusion is controlled by utilizing a four-step design . First, butyl rubber tape is applied to every cross member where there is a deck joint, then polyurethane sealant is applied to the groove of the decking material. Next, the tongue is inserted into the groove, and finally more polyurethane sealant is applied to the top of the seam providing a mechanical seal that will never leak.
  • The deck is attached to the cross members, spaced 16" on center, using specially-designed tek-screws which provide for a solid joint.
  • A full wrap-around rubrail system is utilized with vinyl inserts for further protection against collision. At Harris FloteBote, we never use corner caps because they can be easily torn off.
  • Our heavy duty cleats are attached to the cross members to ensure they will not be torn off, but will stay locked in place on all aluminium pontoon boats.
  • All wiring is properly supported and protected by grommets running through the cross members. All visible wire is wrapped with a protective cover to ensure safety and integrity of the wiring.


Carpet and Flooring

Carpet Flooring

  • All deck joints are sanded and urethane sealed and all divots created by the fastener heads are filled and sealed. This prevents lines and pock marks from showing through the carpet in the future. Many other manufacturers do not take these steps to assure satisfaction and appearance after the carpet has gotten traffic.
  • Carpet is applied utilizing an environmentally and operator friendly water-based adhesive. All carpeting is made of Performance Enhanced Polypropylene fibers that are woven to Harris FloteBote specifications. All carpet features Grey Tuf Lock Latex Base material made for marine use applied to the back side for higher durability and water resistance.
  • Thick and durable flooring alternatives to carpet are available including non-slip TPO vinyl flooring that offers a great option for fishing and high traffic areas such as the rear of the boat and Faux Teak flooring which offers a premium and sophisticated look to your aluminium pontoon boat deck.

Fence Fabrication

Fence Fabrication

  • All fence paneling is carefully painted on both sides using automotive-grade alkyd enamels. Many competitors only paint one side of the paneling during pontoon construction.
  • Harris FloteBote paneling is processed through rollers to add an 'imperial crimp' which adds rigidity to the fence. Many competitors utilize smooth panels which are not so forgiving and tend to exaggerate the look of blemishes.
  • Custom-designed graphics on all our aluminium pontoon boats are specified with excellent adhesive systems that resist delaminating and peeling in environmental extremes, resulting in optimal appearance for years to come. We enhance our application process with a roller device that applies heat and pressure to the graphics to maximize adhesion.
  • The fence panel is mounted into the welded rail sections utilizing foam tape at any place where the panel will contact the support structure. This extra step reduces or eliminates annoying fence rattling when running at higher speeds or through rough waters.

High Quality Materials

High Quality Material

  • Seat upholstery features a soft, durable vinyl with UV and stain resistant top coat which keeps the vinyl easy to clean, usually with simple soap and water, and resistant to stains and abrasion. Your vinyl will look good as new after years of cleaning. And all seat bases are roto-cast, designed specifically for durability, convenience and style.
  • Our pontoon boat construction guidelines require all hardware to be stainless steel and all helm stations to be made of fiberglass.
  • Underneath almost every seat cushion is ample storage space, perfect for all the towels, shoes, clothing, books, snacks and water toys you might bring with you for a day on the water. Plus, small drainage holes help keep water out.
  • All Canvas covers and tops are made for a perfect fit every time. Covers are made from solution dyed, polyester which allows them to be light weight and provides for a cover that protects the boat from the elements, but still breathes to resist mildew.
  • Bimini tops are designed with an exclusive "quick release" system which allows the top to be opened and locked into position in a matter of seconds. Our tops are designed to virtually eliminate rattling, even at higher speeds and in rough water conditions - another innovative feature of our pontoon construction.
  • Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of our unique 'EZ Clip' mooring cover design. Our EZ Clip covers are designed with a special clip sewn into the cover that attaches to custom rails. You also get a convenient storage bag that fits perfectly onboard.
  • A space-saving changing room comes standard on most Harris FloteBote models and is integrated in the center aft seat design. Simply pull up the seat to get instant access to the on-board changing room without sacrificing any seating space.

The Construction Standards of your Harris Aluminium Pontoon Boat Proves that the Passage of Time doesn't Always Lead to Wear and Tear. Visit Mid-Maine Marine today to learn more about Harris FloteBote's premium construction process.

Peace of Mind Always Comes Standard

On par with our stringent standards for craftsmanship, style and performance, our safety features and warranty coverage offer a level of peace of mind you won't find with any other pontoon.

Safety Features

  • Full-length patented cast gate supports withstand a minimum force of 400 pounds.
  • Docking lights facilitate nighttime docking (standard on most models).
  • Navigation lights meet international safety certifications.
  • Folding five-step ladders allow for easy boarding without pinching.
  • Fire extinguishers are Coast-Guard approved (standard on most models).
  • Edge treatment protection minimizes sharp edges.
  • Horn is Coast-Guard approved (standard on all models).

Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage
  • 5-year Bow-to-Stern Warranty: (Gauges, Vinyl, Electronics, Canvas, Options)
  • Limited Lifetime (10 years): (Structure, Tubes, Fence, Decking)
  • All factory-installed engines are covered by the engine manufacturer's individual warranties.